Raw naked (or how can raw food help you?)

Vegan Zoodles With Homemade Broccoli Cream Sito

Yes, we have all heard it. Madonna followed it, VIPs all all over it, Top Chefs like Daniel Humm are serving carrots tartare, but what is the story about raw food? Is it good for you? Yes, especially raw fruits and veggies are absolutely good for you: sometimes whichever way you cook them, they end up losing some of their precious properties.

Raw greens does not only mean lettuce, carrots or tomatoes. This season we are going crazy with zoodles (which we used to call courgetti), i.e. a zucchini-based noodles or courgette-based spaghetti, however you want to see them – they are so versatile you can dress them with just a tiny bit of lemon and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We do it with a cream of broccoli and a beetroot-based hummus that is to die for.

The benefits of raw food are easy to list: they hydrate the body as they contain a high level of water. We’ve often told you to snack on watermelon when feeling de-hydrated in the summer. Their water and fiber contents also help you satiate your hunger and therefore eat less, in case you are trying to lose weight.

Raw food maintains its real wholesome flavour and therefore often doesn’t need an addition of dressing, that might be altering taste, digestion and – somehow – your nervous system.

As mentioned, sometimes cooking destroys part of the food’s vitamin content and damages proteins and fats. Moreover, it destroys enzymes favouring digestion. Therefore consuming raw food is often the better choice.

Last, but not least, your immunitary system will be given a boost by raw food. Our body needs acidifiers (milk, meat, tuna) and alkaline foods (peppers, celery, cucumber): but they need to be balanced so that our body doesn’t overload in acidity (which would cause an immunity low). We live in a world where stress, pollution and refined food augment acidity. That’s where raw food comes in by balancing the impact between acidic and alkaline – let’s try and beat that seasonal cold!

Salads and Zoodles are ready in our weekly Rose & Mary offering of raw foods.


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The Great British Breakfast

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Somehow this title sounds like The Great British Bake-Off (which we are great fans of, clearly) or The not-so-Great British Summer. But it is a fact: in Britain, Breakfast is a meal people dedicate time and effort to. Let us therefore go through what to do, to have a healthy breakfast aside from a rich and complete one.

We all know that breakfast serves the purpose of energizing your body for the whole day, after a whole night of fasting. Your body does need nutrients to function properly. This works independently of your morning routine or sports routine for example. As soon as we start eating in the morning, we kick-start the chemistry that our body needs to make us feel energized for the day. Moreover, it is usually a time that we dedicate to ourselves, our families, our children, our hobbies (e.g. writing this blog, or reading the paper). Time is an essential first variable.

From a cognitive perspective, breakfast also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function. Many studies have shown how eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels: it also seems likely to be able to make us happier and lower stress levels (think about those bank traders in the City!).

In some cases people refer to Rose & Mary because they are looking to shred those extra pounds that the summer trip to Italy and Spain has brought about.

Assuming you start your day with a healthy and rich breakfast, your sugar levels will be maintained all throughout the morning up until lunchtime. This will likely be the solution to cut cravings and eliminate unhealthy snacks, which, in turn, will help you maintain a steady blood sugar level, manage or even lose some weight. It will also keep you from over-eating at lunch or dinner, which is, of course, the worst way to try and maintain a healthy diet (extra calories will lead to obesity problems, it is essential that we manage our intake of food every day). If you were to skip breakfast and run to work, for example, it would be difficult for you to balance the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat later in any other meals in the day.

Do it to feel good and do it for your children: studies show how kids who eat breakfast have 20-to-60% higher levels of iron, vitamin B, and vitamin D in their blood as opposed to those who skip the meal.

What to drink at breakkie? Our choice is a cup of green tea, as the polyphenols in this beverage have shown to slow the metabolism of glucose, allowing a slow release of sugar over a longer period of time and avoiding sugar spikes. Should you look for some fruits to energize you within the day, Rose & Mary presents a healthy collection of juices that can be of assistance: Orange Power, Red Beetroot, Pears Ginger and Kale or Kale Broccoli and Green Apple. All the rest is up to your routine, as we know you follow closely our advice.

Start your day in a good mood with Rose & Mary!

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New Looks, New Season, New Menu

Photo Shoot New Menu London

[... or "How to re-invent Rose & Mary, holding on to our strong principles"]

Dear food lover,

This is personal, from Rose, representing all our Chefs, people who have spent their summer hours in the kitchen crafting new dishes and coming up with ideas, and from Mary, representing the time, commitment and detail-obsession that all of us have put into making this coming season the best and healthiest so far for you.

Summer is about to finish, days are shorter, the wind is blowing, and we have a new menu. We have listened to your feedback and we have improved the description to our plates, adding nutritional properties, and being extremely precise with ingredients, we have a new façade, newly refined pictures, better detail, healthier ingredients. We have studied so that everything you loved so far is still part of our offering, but hopefully presented in a slightly improved version, with a few new seasonal touches that we hope you'll like as much as we do. The philosophy is always the same and so is the underlying principle: keep it healthy, with taste. 

And we are now incredibly excited you'll get to taste all of our new menu!

Don't be afraid to lose your favourites. Remember those quinoa fritters that you liked to share? Find them under the heading of Quinoa, Broadbean and Courgette Mini Burgers, with the Tzatziki sauce optional on the side, still a healthy and gluten-free game of soft and crunchy textures. Think about those Courgetti, Courgettes-based Spaghetti, that combined the low caloric content of courgettes with a triumph of taste for the palate? We now call them Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) and present them in two variants: with home-made broccoli cream, to boost your anti-oxidants, and with home-made beetroot hummus, to give you the strength you need for colder days. You'll still see your healthy versions of the comfort foods you all loved, from that Hot and Spicy Marinated Chicken Mezze Platter you had with friends, to our originally Italian recipes that we now cook with Organic Gluten Free Pasta, Brown Rice Risotto with seasonal mushrooms and more.

Yet, we wanted to re-invent ourselves. Follow the trends, follow the season

Let us take you through your tropical memories, thanks to what we believe to be "the new Sushi": the Poke Bowl. Offered in three different version, all filled with superfoods: a vegan Mexican-inspired one, a chicken and quinoa rich one and the classic Hawaiian with the benefits of fresh tuna and avocado, the Bowls have proven to be one of our bestsellers in our Milan restaurant and we're ready to present them to you this season. A complete yet light and healthy combination of colourful ingredients. And so we have done with our salads, including a Mediterranean version with Pomegranate that is a must try straight away.

Feeling cold and beaten by the start of a tough season? Warm homemade soups are back, and amongst our personal favourites. Find out a vegan mixed veggie soups rich with anti-oxidants and ready for your body to be immune to the coming seasonal flu, or a red lentils one, rich in those filling sensation coming from legumes' nutrients. And a new and improved version of our mains, all with a core high quality animal protein you have loved in the past, from oxtail to lamb, from chicken to turkey, from wild seabass to prawns and salmon. There is one for every taste and one for every palate, with a side of seasonal vegetables and an addition of chia seeds, sesame seeds, superfoods that generally are rich in minerals and vitamins so as to clean your body after all that summer running around. 

For the sweet-tooth aficionados, we have not forgotten you. Your brownie, your almond tartlet, the chocolate semi-freddo and, our new favourite, a pomegranate vegan panna cotta are all there.  Our Pastry Chefs are using 100% Organic Dark Chocolate, Almond Milk, arts and crafts that will make your dessert 100% guilt-free.

And last, but not least, let us introduce you to two new seasonal juice offerings, rich in ingredients that are part of the colours and flavours of September: A Red Beetroot one (keep yourself young and strong) and a Pears, Ginger and Kale green anti-oxidant miracle. 

Well, this is us for now. Hopefully you'll like our new September Menu as much as we do. As always, feel free to give us your feedback via email or through our Social Networks. But most importantly: feel good. You are made of what you eat, and let's start facing this season with a healthy lifestyle, a walk to the next tube stop and a tasty dinner!

Buon Appetito

The Team at Rose & Mary

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