What would make you stronger than Popeye?

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Feeling lazy and tired? Get your strength back to work with the right Popeye diet!

Why did Popeye eat so much spinach? Right, this is a stupid question. We all know that spinach make you stronger. Or at least somebody must have told you that spinach would make you stronger, carrots make your sight better and flax seeds are good for your hair.

After the summertime, when the weather is fine, and you are shattered by unpacking, all you feel like is just no energy. Your hair looks bad, your nails look horrific, your skin is just...pale or sun-burnt. And there are pharmaceutical easy solution, integrators, vitamins and all that. But what about an actual lifestyle we could use, including a nutritional plan and some beauty advice to feel good about yourself instead of being lazy?


Sweet potatoes are the best complex carbs. This might mean everything and nothing to you but basically vitamin c, magnesium, beta-carotene and iron contribute to make you feel less tired. You will almost never feel hungry and you will feel a long lasting sensation of satisfaction due to the fiber content they have. Suffer from high blood pressure? Potassium will help balance your blood’s minerals level and therefore it will give you a hand.


Magnesium converts food into energy and therefore nuts are just good for you – they are so easy to find over the counter at the supermarket and there are so many. Amonds, hazelnuts, nuts are the new candies– they say. Well, scientific studies show how fatigue is inversely correlated with levels of magnesium. Also, nuts contain fibers that help maintaining your levels of sugar in blood and they also contain proteins (which basically feed you). An essential in your pocket especially if you feel sometimes you have a sugar low moment.  


Basically energy in pure state. Especially with black beans and lentils, legumes win the race, by boosting your intestinal system through fibers and “resistant amid”. The good thing about legumes is that they slowly release proteins and energy, therefore you never feel really hungry (a pretty good tip if the final aim is to lose weight).  Remember what protein do? They maintain the levels of sugar consistent during the day. No more tiredness! And remember their impact on your hair and nails!


Salmon is rich with fat omega-3 acids, which are useful to reduce cholesterol and therefore potential risk of heart diseases. Good for the heart, good for memory, good for the soul (it is proven that it reduces depression, improves mood), good for your oily moisturising beauty routine…. And it increases your energy! And we have the protein-filling factor if you are trying to lose those extra pounds.


So what do these three do? Magnesium plays an essential role in energy production and it guarantees a healthy digestion when joint with potassium. Iron is a fundamental element for the production of energy, but in order to be absorbed correctly you need to combine spinach with some elements rich with Vitamin C. Think of raw spinach and use lemon juice as a condiment instead of olive oil!

And do start moving, a walk to the tube is a start! Take care of your body and you'll feel unbeatable. You are what you eat. Are you looking at options in our kitchen? Remember Salmon with Asparagus, Creamy Avocado and Apple Salad or maybe have legumes-rich vegan meatballs with hummus! Our menu is always available from the app and the web!

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