Wholegrain brown rice: 5 good reasons to eat it!


Rice: the most important cereal worldwide, the most notable one in terms of human resources and nutrition, the one that can give you more than a fifth of consumed calories, spanning from China to South America, the one food that is not only present in, but the main character of, the most famous typical international dishes. Basically, a miracle food.

As opposed to white “refined” rice, brown rice doesn’t go through any kind of treatment, therefore maintaining its bran properties (which are fundamental for the body’s wellbeing). The process of refinement in fact eliminates all nutritional value from white rice grains. That’s why we support brown rice, which is much more beneficial with respect to white rice: it is rich of vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins.


1.     It’s gluten free, it helps digestion and it reduces constipation

Brown rice is a naturally gluten-free food. It is one of the most common elements in a gluten-free dietary regime, as it provides with all the fibers and benefits of Vitamin B that are typical of whole-grain cereals (seldom found in any other element of gluten-free diets). As it is rich with fibers, it is also good for your digestive system and helps the body keep a regular intestinal activity, by reducing constipation and contributing to your general wellbeing if consumed regularly.

2.     It keeps your cholesterol levels low

Wholegrain rice helps you maintain your level of cholesterol low thanks to its natural oils contents. And, again, the presence of fibers is essential as they facilitate the expulsion of cholesterol in the digestive apparatus.

3.     It produces energy and protects from free radicals

200 grams of rice provide you with 88% of your daily manganese need. Manganese is a mineral which is useful to produce energy starting from proteins and carbs. Its functions are multiple, out of which contributing to the wellbeing of the brain and nervous system and spice it up a little whilst keeping the production of sexual hormones. It also protects from free radicals’ damages, therefore may save you from cardiovascular diseases or simply prevent ageing.

4.     It helps reach and maintain your ideal weight

Brown rice is a “smart carb” that can help maintain or even reach your ideal goal of weight. As it is a high-fiber food it helps the body keep a healthy and clean intestine, therefore it naturally facilitates weight loss. It has a glycemic index that is lower compared to white rice, therefore making it more suitable in weight loss or low-glycemic diets. The main advantage is that it fills you up therefore eliminating that sensation and temptation to eat something outside of your main meals.

5.     It’s good for your heart

Brown wholegrain rice is rich with lignans, which are natural phytonutrients that can protect you against several illnesses, amongst which heart diseases. Brown rich is also rich with magnesium, one of the most essential mineral in heart health, because it regulates blood pressure and balances the amount of sodium in the body.

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