What to pack for a Healthy Bank Holiday away

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Whilst trying to catch a last glimpse of the Great British Summer sun, we envy all those of you who have booked a flight to warmer destinations for the Bank Holiday. And we can’t help but wander: what to pack? Everybody hates packing, it’s a stated fact.

Let our Nutritionist give you a few tips on what your suitcase should contain in order to have a healthier break:

1)   Do not concede to the temptation of snacks. Pre-packed take away at the airport matched with chocolate snacks can be disastrous for that much agonized diet you have been following. You would fill up with sugar and it would not last longer than a few hours, leaving you hungry and unsatisfied. Prepare yourself and pack away: the ideal snack is the combination of healthy sugars with healthy fats and proteins, therefore perhaps a whole fresh fruit with unsalted nuts or, if you want something easier, a protein bar.

2)   Remember sun lotion. A lot, frequently, high protection. We are Italians and therefore permanently tanned. We look darker and darker even in February. There is one secret to this – and to avoid wrinkles at a premature stage – sunscreen. Whether you are going to a city or to the beach, a minimum of 30+ sunscreen should be taken into account and is now sold at practical hand luggage size. Would you like an advice on what to eat? Tomatoes, Carrots or anything with beta-carotene, lycopene or Vitamin C. It’s no secret in the Mediterranean Diet. One tip? Sunscreen is not as effective after a year, so do not pack old bottles of it.

3)   Take care of your hair and nails. We have had a full post on this recently, but your hair and nails are made of keratin, which is a substance that maintains them strong and unbreakable. Remember haircare products and perhaps a nice nail polish, but don’t forget that you can eat well whilst you are away and make sure you have some extra help. Pack some almonds with you, and remember to look for blueberries and blackberries at breakfast, they would reinforce the structure of your hair. Whilst away, search for our favourite Omega3-rich lean proteins i.e. fill up with fish and you will be fine with brilliant and highly hydrated scalp and hair.

4)   Hydrate yourself. First of all pack the right clothes: natural cotton is much more prone to air-breathing and a healthier fiber to wear compared to anything acrylic. Anyone who does any sport should be aware of that. Drink plenty of water, especially on the plane. We know it is going to be difficult to transport water if you are travelling by plane with hand luggage only, but a lot of foods, especially fruits and veg, naturally contain water. An apple a day takes the doctor away, remember.

5)   Last, but not least, buy a local guidebook and read about local seasonal produce. If you are going to the Mediterranean, think of those juicy tomatoes and that extra virgin olive oil to die for. If you are up for a Caribbean holiday, think of the fiber benefits of papaya or mango (goodbye constipation, see ya back in London!). Search for the freshest and most natural produce of the earth, and you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you who are staying in London? Well, we are lucky, we have Rose & Mary. Get some inspiration on the menu here

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