What to eat to have stronger hair&nails


If we listen to the hairdresser we should have argan oil, flax seeds oil, whatever type of oil, ready to be worn on your hair (looking mostly like an 80s rockstar who hasn’t washed their hair in 15 days) all the time. Do they work? Does keratin-based nail polish help you have stronger, longer, whiter nails?

Well, it’s a mystery. Yet, there is some tip we can follow to try and support beauty products whilst we eat.

Our nutritionist loves list:


Almonds are essentially super good tasting. Also, on the side, they are rich with vitamin E and vegetable proteins, which are a natural anti-oxydants that support the production of collagen and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. The word collagen probably does make you think of a stronger skin or body. And if that weren’t enough, they are also rich with calcium, which we ALL know, because we’ve been bombarded as kids, that is good for bones, hair, skin, teeth, nails. Another property? They are what we call alkaline, meaning they would help detoxing by maintaining healthy PH level, avoiding acidity or inflammation. Last, vitamin B: a necessity for hair and nails.


We have often talked about the benefits of vegetables. In this case we can easily list vitamin A, C, E, F, iron, and a looooot of water is contained, not to mention calcium, magnesium, potassium. All the good things in spinach, broccoli, kale to take care of your nails and hair. Want a specific tip? Spirulina (a blue-green algae) contains biotin, iron, proteins and vitamin B12 – totally what you need for your beauty routine.


We did talk about oil right? So the good fat of salmon, a superfood rich with proteins, omega3, fat acids and vitamin D, helps your hair grow brilliant and stronger because of its natural oils that keep the hair hydrated all the time. Same thing with sardines, or nuts or flax seeds.


Hair&Nails are primarily made of a very hard and strong protein called keratin. Yes, that’s not only a word made up for a Brazilian treatment, it’s actually what gives your nails and hair the strength they need. To produce keratin, your body needs amino-acids found in proteins: lean meats, fish, eggs or nuts, beans, lentils and quinoa for those of you who follow a vegetarian diet.


It’s true, blueberries are rich with anti-oxydants which protect the body from free radicals and therefore stress hormons and inflammations, which by consequence affect hair and nails’ cells. Blueberries also contain a lot of vitamin C, which can support the circulation of blood on your scalp and is essentially fundamental to maintain strength in your hair and avoid breaking.

Want to try these beauty tips in food? Asparagus, orange and almonds mixed green salad or all our salmon dishes, not to mention the ever present veggies. Find some inspiration here.

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