Togetherness the Rose & Mary way

Apparecchiare La Tavola Di Natale

With the Festive season approaching and - for those of you who are linked to the American tradition - turkey leftovers in the fridge (which btw is an incredibly lean animal protein!), we are getting ready for the Christmas Table the Rose & Mary way.

Rule Number One is simple: we are together, a team, a group of people who between London and Milan try to create menus for you to be together, a team and a group of people. In fact, we are reuniting tonight as a team to brainstorm, think, come up with new ideas, listen to yours. 

Now, with Christmas and the festive season approaching, is there a healthy way to face it? Let's start by following rule number one and its motto: Sharing is Caring. What can you share out of our Menu, that is made with love, gourmet and yet still healthy? 

Inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of Mezze, our Hot and Spicy Marinated Chicken Mezze Platter is perfect to eat together. Nutritious, lean and rich in healthy proteins. Feel like Italian? There is nothing that says Christmas like a Lasagna, especially if gluten free and made out of organic sheet of pasta. Would you like to be original and surprise your guests? It's time for the mini burgers, a quinoa-based nutritious option to pick and choose, perfect for a standing party where you need some sort of canapés. 

Remember: we never promote starving or drastic dieting. It's a matter of balancing the ingredients and - most importantly - sharing them with you. Together, the Rose & Mary way

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