The secrets behind our Bolognese Sauce

Organic Lasagna Bolognese Sito

When you talk to pretty much any Italian living abroad, they would argue that "Bolognese Sauce" does not exist. It has been made up by non-Italian chefs to supply to a foreign crowd, like some sort of Alfredo Pasta fraternity. Well, Italians call "Bolognese Sauce" ragù (read: ragout, ragou, however you want to spell it) and its recipe has one fundamental ingredient Rose & Mary saves you: time.

First of all only lean, free-range, grass-fed meat is sourced. High quality proteins intake is essential to give us strength. Then, mixed with the antioxidants of a tomato sauce and the hands of our grandmothers, it is slow cooked for hours and hours until it obtains that crunchy yet semi-sweet consistency that you are used to. Top it with the probiotics of grated Grana Padano DOP and have it the healthy way i.e. with smart carbs, whether it's a gluten free sheet of lasagna or perhaps wholegrain rice pasta and you have the best tradition of Italian Central Italy on your table at the tap of an app. 

Yes, amongst keeping you healthy, Rose & Mary saves you the time you would spend stirring and stirring and stirring the ragù (according to our grandmothers it was six hours, but we have assisted to Presidential debates over the topic, thereby abstaining from claiming to know the answer). So that you have more time to yourself, perhaps you can take a walk, go to the gym, be healthy.

As always with love, you can find our ragù sauce in our Organic Lasagna and in our Organic Pasta Bolognese.

Rose & Mary

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