The Great British Breakfast

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Somehow this title sounds like The Great British Bake-Off (which we are great fans of, clearly) or The not-so-Great British Summer. But it is a fact: in Britain, Breakfast is a meal people dedicate time and effort to. Let us therefore go through what to do, to have a healthy breakfast aside from a rich and complete one.

We all know that breakfast serves the purpose of energizing your body for the whole day, after a whole night of fasting. Your body does need nutrients to function properly. This works independently of your morning routine or sports routine for example. As soon as we start eating in the morning, we kick-start the chemistry that our body needs to make us feel energized for the day. Moreover, it is usually a time that we dedicate to ourselves, our families, our children, our hobbies (e.g. writing this blog, or reading the paper). Time is an essential first variable.

From a cognitive perspective, breakfast also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function. Many studies have shown how eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels: it also seems likely to be able to make us happier and lower stress levels (think about those bank traders in the City!).

In some cases people refer to Rose & Mary because they are looking to shred those extra pounds that the summer trip to Italy and Spain has brought about.

Assuming you start your day with a healthy and rich breakfast, your sugar levels will be maintained all throughout the morning up until lunchtime. This will likely be the solution to cut cravings and eliminate unhealthy snacks, which, in turn, will help you maintain a steady blood sugar level, manage or even lose some weight. It will also keep you from over-eating at lunch or dinner, which is, of course, the worst way to try and maintain a healthy diet (extra calories will lead to obesity problems, it is essential that we manage our intake of food every day). If you were to skip breakfast and run to work, for example, it would be difficult for you to balance the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat later in any other meals in the day.

Do it to feel good and do it for your children: studies show how kids who eat breakfast have 20-to-60% higher levels of iron, vitamin B, and vitamin D in their blood as opposed to those who skip the meal.

What to drink at breakkie? Our choice is a cup of green tea, as the polyphenols in this beverage have shown to slow the metabolism of glucose, allowing a slow release of sugar over a longer period of time and avoiding sugar spikes. Should you look for some fruits to energize you within the day, Rose & Mary presents a healthy collection of juices that can be of assistance: Orange Power, Red Beetroot, Pears Ginger and Kale or Kale Broccoli and Green Apple. All the rest is up to your routine, as we know you follow closely our advice.

Start your day in a good mood with Rose & Mary!

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