The Anti-Demonization of Carbs: SMART CARBS, wholegrains&pseudo-cereals

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Whole-grain cereals and pseudo-cereals: keep fit and live better thanks to smart carbs!

Recent researches by the most authoritative sources in the field show how people do want to eat better and in a healthier way. Biological and organic agriculture production and consumption is growing and seasonal fresh food is a preference. However, there is a risk of misconception, where even the most committed consumer risks to abuse of refined sugars, flours or pre-made food.

Eating well is fundamental for your general well-being. Together with sport and stress-levels reduction, a healthy eating plan significantly contributes to reaching the right psycho-physical equilibrium.

Today we’re sharing a small tip to keep fit: your cupboard has to be always filled with smart carbs, i.e. wholegrain cereals and pseudo-cereals. Be careful: this is not a one day trend for yummy mummies, but a real re-discovery of very ancient foods that have been eaten for centuries. Any example? Quinoa, a pseudo-cereal that was referred to as the Incas’ Gold. Or brown rice, which has been a cultivation practice in certain Chinese areas for longer than 5000 years.

Wholegrain cereals and pseudocereals are defined as smart carbs – or “good carbs” – because they are good for your health, they are naturally gluten-free and they provide a source of highly important energy. Hyper-protein diets (let’s not name names here!) have condemned carbs to be the worst possible enemy of the body. But thankfully things have now changed.

A wholegrain cereal is one that hasn’t gone through refinement processes, whilst maintaining its bran, germ and endosperm. Bran and germ are the most precious parts: they are a source of fibers, vitamins of the B group, minerals and anti-oxidants. These are all properties that would be lost in a subsequent refinement process. A refined cereal like white rice would maintain only its endosperm, which is a vegetable tissue needed by our body to produce energy.

Every day we consume an unthinkable amount of refined carbs, from breakfast to dinner (think of white bread, white rice, pasta, pizza, biscuits: all foods with an immediate sensation of filling up your stomach, but yet have a high level of glycemic index). In fact, they only alleviate hunger and often, even only an hour away from the meal, we feel like a little snack.


1)     They do not have their bran and germ, two elements that are deemed essential for the body’s wellbeing

2)     They have a glycemic index that is way too elevated and excess sugar ends up transforming into fat.

3)     They have a very subtle filling up power that end up making us consume more food than we should (have you ever finished a whole pack of biscuits?)


1)     They contain their bran, germ and endosperm; they contain fiber (useful for a regular intestinal activity); they contain Vitamin B (useful to raise immunity defence levels); they contain minerals (necessary to develop tissues of your body) and last but not least they contain anti-oxidants (which are useful for the beauty of your skin).

2)     They have a much longer digestive span of time, thanks to which they release energy all throughout your day

3)     They have a low glycemic index that helps control the level of sugar in blood, thanks to which you don’t feel hungry outside of your regular meal hours

4)     They don’t give you a heavy and swollen sense

5)     They are naturally gluten-free

6)     They have a powerful, healthy and lasting fill-up power.


Here’s a list of wholegrain cereals and pseudo-cereals that are good for your health (we define as pseudo-cereals those plants that produce fruits and seeds that can be consumed just like a cereal). As mentioned above, they have exceptional nutritional properties and they can easily be found even in supermarkets, not to mention their versatility within recipes. In fact, they can be used to prepare sweet and savoury dishes, both warm and cold:

-        Brown Wholegrain Rice (Cereal)

-        Millet (Cereal)

-        Quinoa (Pseudo-Cereal)

-        Buckwheat (Pseudo-Cereal)

-        Amaranth Grain (Pseudo-Cereal)

-        Chia Seed (Pseudo-Cereal)

-        Teff (Pseudo-Cereal)

More to follow on smart carbs, stay tuned. Eat well means living better and if you are happy, even those who are near you will be happier!

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