Temperatures are rising? Hydrate yourself with the right food! Quench your body’s thirst for water.


What happens when you are on holiday and outside it’s basically 30°? First of all drink a lot of water and avoid sugar-rich drinks. And then watch what you are eating: it can help keep your body hydrated at all times. Fruits and veg are a must this season. We have asked our nutritionist to give us her tips over the “BIG 5” for the summer, i.e. those 5 foods you can’t live without and you always have to have in the cupboard (or, actually, in the fridge!). Perfect to snack on at every moment of your day, from breakfast to dinner.

1.     Watermelons: Vitamin C, Minerals and Lycopene.

A watermelon is 92% made of water. Its combination of salts, minerals and natural sugars hydrates much more than a glass of water. Thanks to its magnesium, potassium and sodium composition, watermelon seems to be the hydrating food “par excellence”. It also provides your body with minerals and key vitamins just like vitamin C and lycopene, which is an anti-oxidant from red fruits and veg turning superuseful when preventing cancer.

2.     Vegetables and salads: Folic Acid, Fibers and Beta-Carotene

100 grams of vegetables or mixed salads reach no more than 20 calories. This is because they are made of water up to 90% of their composition. They are therefore the perfect allies to hydration. They are rich of nutritious substances just like folic acid, vitamin C, fibers, Beta-Carotene (which is an anti-oxidant that helps the health of your eyes and skin). We also must admit, they are good for you, but salads are also refreshing the table with colours aren’t they? Get used to preparing one for lunch and one for dinner!

3.     Tomatoes: Vitamins, potassium and anti-oxidants

The tomato is the king and the essential food in the so Mediterranean diet. It is extremely nutritious and it helps keeping the body hydrated. It contains up to 94% water and it’s a huge source of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. It is also a source of anti-oxydants, lycopene, carotene, just to counterbalance intestine inflammations. It’s red, juicy, delicious, what’s the summer without tomatoes?

4.     Carrots: a beta-carotene boom

Despite its compact aspect, carrot is a explosively hydrating in its composition. It’s made out of 90% of water and it’s a real concentrate of beta-carotene, much more than any other fruits or vegetables. Beta-carotene is well known to have well-being properties for your sight and is useful in cancer prevention.

5.     Papaya: Anti-oxidants, lycopene and beta-carotene

If you are going “exotic” remember that papaya is sweet, buttery in taste and yet rich of anti-oxidants and nutritious substances that help reinforce your immune system and improve your digestion. Its nutritious properties are also useful to prevent damages caused by free radicals (i.e. wrinkles or any other aging sign). Papayas are 88% made out of water and therefore a real sip of well-being and freshness.

The tip of the week? A Greek salad, an Asparagus Orange and Almonds mixed green one or a pea, creamy avocado and broccoli mix. And one par excellence: the Orange Power drink! Check them all out here

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