Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New


Today we introduce something we have been waiting for a long long time behind the scenes at Rose & Mary. Despite you looking at a menu that might seem to you just like the old one, we’d like to introduce a new functionality that could potentially change your life.

We have borrowed your advice and introduced a new technology tool whereby you are able to pre-order and reserve your dishes that can then be delivered to you by our couriers – as always – between 5pm and 9.30pm. This means that if you end up being hungry or blue due to the weather at 1pm you can easily log onto our app or onto the website and select your preferred dishes the old fashioned way whilst choosing a delivery slot that is most suitable to you.

It is an improvement to our system that should meet your requirements whenever you feel peckish and somehow simplify your delivery time by streamlining our orders. So what are you waiting for? The kitchen opens at 5pm but you can order just now.

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