"Sharing is caring": how sharing a meal became a sign of love

Quinoa Broad Bean And Courgette Mini Burgers With Homemade Tzatziki Sito

Tonight at Rose&Mary we witnessed the funniest topical scene that every family has ever assisted to:
She goes: "Eat your five a day"
He goes: "But I don't like veggies"
She goes: "But I baked them just the way you like them"
He goes: "How about pizza?"
And so on and so forth. Unless you are married to Kate Moss or something, in which case please stop reading.

Become somewhat of a game. The decision to share is a well-known excuse for a girl to have two desserts on her own. Think of tasting the almond tart for yourself and then keep the brownie ready for tomorrow's breakfast (only the brave would dare, learn from the Masters). 

Uncertain on oxtail vs lamb? Just get a sharing plate and share the love: the hot and spicy chicken meze has proven to be one of your favourite dishes and it does present itself very well in case you are going on a hot date. But the one dish that every couple would agree on is the veggie mini burgers. Most people don't even realise they are actually made of broadbeans and quinoa: they are a delicious option and a no-fight guarantee. 
And, in case you are one of those going no-meat no-fish exclusively, we have the perfect option with two bowls, one with chicken and one with fresh tuna (in case you haven't heard, the poke is so the new sushi...).

Rose & Mary has an option for everyone. Sharing a meal is nothing but an excuse to eating off someone else’s plate :)

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