Raw naked (or how can raw food help you?)

Vegan Zoodles With Homemade Broccoli Cream Sito

Yes, we have all heard it. Madonna followed it, VIPs all all over it, Top Chefs like Daniel Humm are serving carrots tartare, but what is the story about raw food? Is it good for you? Yes, especially raw fruits and veggies are absolutely good for you: sometimes whichever way you cook them, they end up losing some of their precious properties.

Raw greens does not only mean lettuce, carrots or tomatoes. This season we are going crazy with zoodles (which we used to call courgetti), i.e. a zucchini-based noodles or courgette-based spaghetti, however you want to see them – they are so versatile you can dress them with just a tiny bit of lemon and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We do it with a cream of broccoli and a beetroot-based hummus that is to die for.

The benefits of raw food are easy to list: they hydrate the body as they contain a high level of water. We’ve often told you to snack on watermelon when feeling de-hydrated in the summer. Their water and fiber contents also help you satiate your hunger and therefore eat less, in case you are trying to lose weight.

Raw food maintains its real wholesome flavour and therefore often doesn’t need an addition of dressing, that might be altering taste, digestion and – somehow – your nervous system.

As mentioned, sometimes cooking destroys part of the food’s vitamin content and damages proteins and fats. Moreover, it destroys enzymes favouring digestion. Therefore consuming raw food is often the better choice.

Last, but not least, your immunitary system will be given a boost by raw food. Our body needs acidifiers (milk, meat, tuna) and alkaline foods (peppers, celery, cucumber): but they need to be balanced so that our body doesn’t overload in acidity (which would cause an immunity low). We live in a world where stress, pollution and refined food augment acidity. That’s where raw food comes in by balancing the impact between acidic and alkaline – let’s try and beat that seasonal cold!

Salads and Zoodles are ready in our weekly Rose & Mary offering of raw foods.


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