Make it at home: Quinoa, Broadbean and Courgette Mini Burgers

Preparazione 1

Ingredients (for 5 mini burgers approx)

- 40g of Pre-cooked Quinoa 
- 20g of Courgette
- 20g of Potato
- 15g of Broadbeans
- 2 Eggs

- A tad of Cumin
- Half a spoon of Cayenne Pepper
- A bit of Parsley

- 2g of Pepper
- 2g of Salt
- 2g of Chili Pepper

Preparazione 11

Mash all ingredients together with salt and pepper to obtain a semi solid mixture. The Quinoa will give you the nutrients and the satisfaction you need, all veggies are rich in antioxidants

Preparazione 16

Put the whole mixture in a pre-oiled pan and - in a preheated oven at 180° - warm it up for a couple of mins.

Impiattamento 19

Serve it the Rose & Mary way or... well, we're here for you to order on Rose & Mary

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