Magic Beetroot and the Kingdom of your Kitchen


Despite you thinking the title of this post is a joke, you have started to recognise beetroot only when part of a red berry smoothie. In fact, you have no clue on how to cook it, what to do with it and - when it happens to cross your path in the fridge counter or in that one salad where it is shaped as a carrot - you most definitely would come up with a classic "it tastes like nothing". Yet, we are here in the poor veggie defence: a whole committee trying to re-establish the reputation of the chenopodiacae family, i.e. relatives of spinach and chard. Basically by eating roots (beet-ROOT, you wouldn't have thought so, eh?!) you end up assuming many more rich vitamins and minerals. 

And we have now learnt that vitamins and minerals are good for a healthy and balanced diet. Specifically, the red beetroot has highly anti-oxidant properties and therefore is by definition one of our favourites (whether it's sweet, savoury, smashed, raw, cooked). As always, we have a list of 5 advantages crafted by our nutritionists in order to start eating more and more beetroot all throughout the year.

1) ITS DETOX PROPERTIES: Scientifically your body needs to break down toxins and bind them to other molecules before excreting them. To support this process (which is called phase 2 detoxification) the "betailains" contained in beetroot are fantastic. Cleaner blood, healthier liver, longer life!

2) ITS ANTI-STRESS PROPERTIES: Stress has a counter effect on your blood pressure, as it fundamentally raises your systolic blood pressure (the higher value when you test it). Beetroot is useful in reducing your blood pressure because of its natural content of nitrates which, converted into nitric oxide, help dilate the blood vessels and therefore a better blood flow i.e. relax. 

3) ITS STRENGTH BOOST PROPERTIES: Yes to an athletic and fit body. Beetroot juice has shown to improve muscle oxygenation during exercise and therefore improve your endurance. In the long run, and with age, it is a natural strengthener for the elderly in the prevention of diseases. Same thing if a pregnancy is on the way.

4) ITS WEIGHT LOSS PROPERTIES: Beetroot is naturally sweet (think of where sugar is from) and yet contains only 60 calories the cup. It is by definition a way to retain your sweet tooth without giving up your diet. Essentially a miracle!

5) PLANNING TO HAVE A BABY? Then it's your veggie. Full of folic acid, beetroot helps the development of the baby spinal cord together with giving you the strength of carrying all that extra weight.

In other words, do not discard beetroot. Have it in a juice, in one of our plates, as a salad, or even in hummus. Want to complement it with our creations? Have a look at this week's menu

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