A piece of advice from our nutritionist: have a 100% fit and healthy summer!

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Beach-body season is here. OMG: les jeux sont faits. Yet we’re still surrounded by ads promoting the so-called Kardashian miracle diet. Relax, the one thing that matters is to feel good and know your body is fit and healthy. They say “true beauty comes from within”.

Our nutritionist has given us some tips on how to best live our summer. It is essential to pay some extra-care and avoid that extra-sugar or fat that you are tempted to drink in that one sunset cocktail or night-time snack. Also, take care of your skin when exposed under an excessive amount of sun (avoid exposing yourself during warmest hours, i.e. round about lunchtime) and maintain your body hydrated at all times, which can be done in several ways, including consuming food that is water-rich.

1.     Fill up your body with anti-oxidants

Remember the mantra: seasonal food. And summer is full of natural veggies that help you keep your skin young yet giving you that extra boost in tanning (esp. if you are a shade lighter of mozzarella just like some of us). Check out tomatoes and red peppers for example: filled with lycopene, they actually protect your skin against sun-burnt. And, if that wasn’t enough, according to a recent study published on the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, a lycopene-rich skin ends up being smoother and softer. What else? Fill up with as many as you can. Should you wish to vary a little, lycopene is present in other fruits such as watermelon, apricots, pink grapefruit and – if your holidays perhaps take you to some exotic location (and we are SO jealous) – for example guava. Fifty shades of red basically.

2.     Keep your body hydrated at all times

In the summertime, “when the weather is fine”, in order to avoid de-hydration due to high temperatures, it is essential to give more water to our body, just as if it were a plant. Be careful: water, not juices, drinks filled with gas or sugar or alcohol – that’s just a temptation, which is full of sugar and doesn’t really quench your thirst. It is much better to drink aromatic waters (do it yourself! With an infusion of cold water and lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint, you’ll feel by the pool by definition!), or perhaps extracted juices which are 100% sugar free. Also, remember to eat foods that are naturally filled with water, the most obvious examples being watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, papayas (if you are in that exotic location, again), or any veggie really. Instead of your piña colada on the beach try coconut water: it is the HIT thing in the UK, highly hydrating and it’s filled with electrolytes, which are very useful to re-caliber your body after a day in the sun

3.     Do not skip any meal

True, it’s tough to eat in the heat. But you shouldn’t skip your meals, because it will be much easier to succumb to the temptation of sugar rich or fried snacks in the middle of the afternoon (ice cream? Donoughts? Please….). You can carry a small pack of those dried (non-candied) fruits (nuts, pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts) or seeds (sunflower, pumpkin): you can find them anywhere and they are so tasty! Should you prefer fresh fruits, it is a good practice to pair it with a yogurt.

4.     Take care of your digestive system

A lot of those bad habits when you eat can hit directly on your intestine, whilst compromising digestion, augmenting inflammatory risks and even turning you into a bad and “constipated” mood. Take care of your intestine consuming fermented foods, just like yogurt, coconut kefir or miso soup.

And now you’ll ask: what the heck is coconut kefir? Kefir is an old drink with Caucasian origins. It quenches your thirst quickly and it can be prepared at home using milk (both cow’s milk or sheep’s/ewes’ milk) and these so-called kefir grains, which are a mix of bacteria and yeast and can be found in stores that have bio-products (in Milan: pretty much everywhere). Vegan issues? No problem, use coconut milk or water. It is better to drink it at room temperature and within a week of its preparation (whilst preserving it in the fridge). In case of lack of time or laziness no panic: you can buy kefir off the shelf at the supermarket.

Discover Rose&Mary’s menu. Try our summer-friendly dishes today. Any advice needed? Kale, Broccoli and Green Apple Juice or Orange Power to quench your body's thirst. Or what about a salad? The green avocado and the asparagus ones are our favourites! Feeling a little constipated? Here's the yogurt chocolate mousse. Plenty of tasty and healthy options! Let's get it right this summer!

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