5 Foods that make you LOSE weight! No kidding!

Dimagrire Limone

Despite a logical argument you can eat AND lose weight: there exist some foods (not chocolate pudding, sorry) that function as “accelerators” of your weight loss. Unbelievable. These foods stimulate your digestive system and therefore improve your metabolism. Just like fiber-rich foods or calcium-rich foods. This is why eating doesn’t necessarily equates to gaining weight. So stop starving at lunch, stop dreaming of food, just try and be smart about it, be consistent: you need to want it. And somehow you need to be creative and come up with new combinations and new recipes  (unless you just give up and we’ll take care of doing it for you, that’s why Rose&Mary actually exists, for US to be healthy). Just to give you a basic example: we’ve recently learnt that if we use lemon in salads instead of EVO it’s sort of better in the long run. Or, we’ve already walked you through the benefits of calories-poor carbs like quinoa.

Now, here’s a list of 5 foods that, according to our nutritionist, can miraculously make you lose weight without going beyond the borders of human imagination (no pills or anything). One recommendation: once you reach your ideal weight, it is essential that you actually maintain it. Stick to the target: despite diets being hard, we do know that eating is a pleasure in life. Use balance, that’s essential.

So, all year round and in plenty of recipes and snacks:

-       LEMONS: FRIENDS of your digestive system

Everyone from the Mediterranean area knows a fact: lemons stimulate your digestive system. They are rich of citric acid, they work together with other acids and enzymes for an effective and healthy digestion, through the stimulation and creation of gastric juices. The acidity of a lemon can improve digestion and balance the levels of sugar in the blood. A tip: why don’t you try and use lemon as an actual condiment or drink lemon-flavoured water before your meal? Digestion is not only essential to lose weight, it’s a health MUST.

-       PAPAYA: your metabolic ALLY

Papaya is rich with enzymes and therefore perfect for your digestion. Ever thought of those holidays when you were feeling so good with exotic fruits? There you go. Papaya contains a substance called papain which is useful to digest proteins. It also contains alpha-amylase and protease which you’ve probably never heard of, but they are good to destroy amids, carb and proteins, so we love them. So yes to a faster metabolism and a slimmer body!

-       QUINOA: source of FIBERS and PROTEINS

Ok right, quinoa is a SEED. Most people would complain of its inconsistent texture. Huge mistake. First of all it is considered a grain and actually a pseudo-grain: it is rich with protein and it contains all nine essential amino-acids. It belongs to the same family of spinach i.e. chenopodiaceae (come on, they must have told you that spinach are good for you at least once or twice in your lifetime!), so we have fibers and minerals – magnesium, manganese, iron. Have you ever tried it as a valid veggie alternative to meat?

-       CHIA SEEDS: a boost of OMEGA3

Chia seeds are now becoming more and more popular around the UK – they are rich of OMEGA3 acid fat (which are very precious to reduce the risk of diseases and for your brain’s wellbeing), calcium and iron. Why do they make you lose weight if they are fat? Well, they perform their function as a sponge, trying to be somehow a jelly in your stomach that slow down digestion and keeps your sugar levels stable.


Ok, what’s green and what’s dark green? Kale, curly cabbage, spinach, roman lettuce, chard (OMG, we love chards) are all calcium-rich veggies and therefore formidable to lose weight because they accelerate metabolism. Remember, in general vegetables are good: Vitamin C and fibers, which are contained almost everywhere in your 5 a day, are a source of nutritious substances that contribute to your wellbeing. 

Need inspirations? All salads are healthy but some salads are healthier than others. Have a look at this week's specials!

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