What global statistics tell us about our diets

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Strong words and scary statistics from the World Health Organisation got our attention last week: according to a major report, the number of people suffering from diabetes has quadrupled since 1980. Worldwide cases of the potentially fatal disease have hit 422 million and continue to rise.

Faced with such a staggering number, it’s easy to overlook the individuals behind these statistics. When the WHO talks about adult mortality cases from high blood sugar levels, they are talking about us -- and our everyday diets.

The clear link between high levels of sugar in our diets and the onset of type 2 diabetes is one of the big reasons that “sugar free” is part of Rose & Mary’s founding philosophy. Whether from munching on candy bars, sipping soda, or carbo-loading with a large plate of refined-wheat pasta, the sugar in our diets streams through our bloodstreams, forcing our pancreas to work harder and harder to produce insulin. This constant overload can eventually cause insulin resistance and diabetes.

The WHO report concludes that tackling the global diabetes crisis has no simple solution: positive change will require effort from the level of governments and corporations on down to the level of individuals. At Rose & Mary, we want to play a small but worthy role in fighting the rise of diabetes. With our wholesome meals made from scratch and always sugar free, let us show you what a difference eating well can make for your health

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