Sugar free March - Doing good by eating well

Sugar Free March Hero

Cancer Research UK does challenging work every day, supporting cancer research across the country and raising public awareness about the disease. Now they’re giving us a challenge: to give up sugar for the entire month of March.

Sugar Free March is two great causes in one: not only will you use your sugar-free pledge to raise funds for cancer research, you’ll boost your own health and wellbeing by cleaning up your diet. And if you want to convince your friends and family to join you in this challenge, send them here:

The Sneaky Ways of Sugar

and here: 

Cameron’s Shift on Sugar

for motivation.

Rose & Mary especially want to support you in this endeavour. Each time you place an order from us this month, we’ll make a contribution of 50p to Cancer Research UK in honour of the Sugar Free March campaign. The more you dine with us, the more money we give to cancer research. You’ll be doing good just by eating well.

And of course, we’re here for you every Monday through Saturday evening this month, serving up delicious meals that are always sugar free.

For more on the Sugar Free March challenge, visit Cancer Research UK.

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