Sometimes more is more


“Less is more” is an elegant approach to design and cuisine. The finest elements are perfectly balanced, never overdone and presented in just the right amount.

We love that philosophy in the kitchen, but today we’re praising the benefits of “more is more.” More dishes, more days, more value. As always, we’ve listened to your thoughts and suggestions and we’re offering you more of what you love in 2016.

More options

We’re introducing meals with an ideal nutritional balance. Mary, our namesake nutritionist, has designed these plates to contain 50% greens, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates for the ideal mix of health benefits in one delicious package.

We’re also adding well-balanced vegetarian and dairy-free dishes to our menu. You’ll truly find something for everyone on our new menu.

More nights

Our kitchen is now open from Monday through Saturday between 5:00pm and 9:30pm. We’re making your work week easier and your dinner parties tastier.

More dishes

We’ve been on a creative streak in the kitchen and we’re rolling out new plates every day. Imagine walking through your front door to the aroma of something wonderful in the oven and asking, “What’s for dinner?” Now you can turn to us to answer that all-important question. Keep an eye on your inbox for new surprises and old favourites on our daily menu.

More value

Our dishes offer the best value for money and we’ve been improving this ratio without ever compromising on health and quality. But with our free delivery and no minimum order, it’s now more expensive to order a pizza than to order a wholesome meal from us!

More ways to communicate

We’ve heard you: sometimes you have questions and you want quick answers. We’re introducing a new call-back service. When you email us with your phone number at, we’ll get right back to you with a personal phone call, from a real person.

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