Meet our new healthy and local friends

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We not only love to eat the food we make in the R&M kitchen, we love to share it. There’s nothing like bonding over a meal with others who share our healthy approach to clean eating and living. This spring and summer, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some wonderful local groups, and we’d love for you to meet them too.

Here’s a look back at some of the events we hosted over the spring and summer, and the connections we’ve made through a shared love of good food and a healthy lifestyle.

May Tasting Event with Fig & Bloom

Fig & Bloom is a London consultancy specialising in nutrition, cooking tutorials and recipe development. Like us, they don’t focus on diets, but on fresh, vibrant and wholesome food and nutrition that works for each individual client. Their goal is to improve their clients’ health and wellbeing for the long-term.

Our dishes were a big hit with this crowd. Many of our guests for the evening were local foodies who wanted to start eating healthier on a daily basis. Quite a few were vegetarians, who were impressed with the range of delicious veggie options we offer. We were especially pleased with the feedback we received from Fig & Bloom clients, who noted how well our dishes fit into their nutritional plans.

May Tasting Event with our Top Customers

This special evening was a chance to meet our top customers in person and to thank them for their support and loyalty. We were blushing from all the positive comments we heard: some people told us they dine with us five times a week! In addition to praising our speedy delivery and easy tracking, our guests told us they loved having the confidence that they would enjoy every dish they order.

Many of our decisions are taken based on suggestions and feedback, and we have our customers to thank for some of our greatest hits! Our very popular sampler boxes -- which allow you to taste a dish without committing to a full portion -- are a perfect example of how listening to our clients is invaluable to the growth of our business.

June Tasting Event with Nurturing Mums

Nurturing Mums runs postnatal courses specifically designed to address the concerns of new mums. They offer a supportive and relaxed environment to learn from expert guest speakers and share experiences with other mothers.

We learned from these mums as well: they shared with us their concerns about how to manage the demands of motherhood while maintaining their own nutrition and working to get back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Our guests loved our commitment to making healthy eating easier for the whole family. In particular, mums loved our kids’ menu, our transparency on ingredients and our guilt-free meals delivered straight to the door.

July Tasting Event with Sorting Self

Sorting Self  was started by a busy mother of two to help local mums take time for themselves  and enjoy social occasions with like-minded women. Sorting Self offers local meet ups with expert speakers including personal stylists, nutritionists and life coaches.

Our collaboration brought together mums of all ages who definitely had one thing in common: struggling to find time to cook healthy food for their families. Mums told us that Rose & Mary was a great resource for the whole family during their busy weeks. Among the dishes we prepared for this event, the absolute favourite proved to be our Sicilian Caponata -- a flavourful way to add the goodness of vitamin-packed veggies to your dinner table.

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