Food for fertility, with love from Jani White

Fertile Fizz2

We talk a lot about family life at Rose & Mary. As a company founded by parents, we’re proud that our kid-friendly meals and commitment to health has made us a favourite for many busy mums.

But how important are food and diet in the earliest stages, when a couple wants to start a family? Luckily, we met a true authority and inspiration on that very subject: Jani White. 

Jani is a noted acupuncturist, doula, and integrative health specialist with years of experience in childbirth.

Jani now adds author to her list of accomplishments, having just published a beautifully illustrated book called “The Fertile Fizz ” which she calls “a sexy biology lesson.”

Among the many words of wisdom in Jani’s book is a discussion of how diet affects sexuality and fertility. So imagine how thrilled we were when Jani chose Rose & Mary to cater her book launch, praising our gluten and sugar-free meals as the “pathway to healthy.” She introduced our balanced dishes as representing not only an excellent diet for general health, but also for aiding women in the path to pregnancy.

Jani reminds us that “making babies should be fun, not a chore.” If you and your partner are trying to conceive, we have some more fun homework for you: get a copy of Jani’s wise and sensual new book, served up with a delicious, wholesome meal from Rose & Mary!

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