Cameron's shift on sugar

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Sugar is spiking again -- this time hitting the news headlines as Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledges the link between sugar consumption and obesity.

Once dismissive of a tax on sugary beverages, Cameron is reviewing his stance. He spoke openly last week about the need to make progress on the “obesity crisis” in the UK, comparing its effect on public health to that of smoking and suggesting that he would not rule out imposing such a tax.

Government agency Public Health England and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver have long been advocates of a tax on sugary beverages, and there has been mounting evidence of sugar’s ill effects. A recent study showed that simply reducing the amount of sugar in soft drinks over 5 years could prevent 300,000 cases of diabetes in the UK.

At Rose & Mary, we’ve never used refined sugar in our cooking. We think our delicious food speaks for itself. A wholesome, gourmet meal can do wonders to convince a sceptic of the pleasures of a diet without sugar and gluten.

But for many, the scientific evidence is what matters. And we’re glad to see that research and data are beginning to sway opinion toward healthy choices at the highest levels. Now if only No. 10 Downing Street were in our delivery area… ;)

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