Beating the January blues

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It’s that time of the year when resolutions meet reality. The cold weather, low light and return to the daily grind can mess with all the great expectations we had for the new year, leaving us susceptible to a very common condition: the January blues.

Holiday indulgence can add to this gloomy feeling, especially if you’ve resolved to adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise in the new year. Not only is your next vacation day months away, but now you can’t even take comfort in sugar and alcohol. In frustration, you may even start to rebel against these gigantic, pressure-filled resolutions you made.

When we fail to see big changes in our lives after the stroke of midnight on January 1, we often think we’ve failed to live up to the promise of the new year. But as the experts tell us, we’re much more successful when we make consistent positive choices rather than trying to make one huge change.

Rose & Mary believe in consistency. We’re back in the kitchen from Monday through Friday, cooking with the same commitment to excellent ingredients, clean eating and nutritional balance that we started with.

We consistently deliver on our promise of wholesome, satisfying meals that won’t leave you craving empty calories. Making our meals a regular weekday choice will help you face the winter doldrums with energy and well-being. And it may even free up time for that new hobby you plan to start!

Let Rose & Mary be a part of your healthy resolutions for 2016.

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