Why we use only stainless steel cookware


In Rose & Mary’s kitchen, we’re looking out for your health in our choice of ingredients, cooking methods, and even cookware. That’s why we’ve decided to use only stainless steel pots and pans in preparing your meals.

Many commercial kitchens turn to aluminium cookware because it is cheap, lightweight and conducts heat well. But for reasons of taste and health, we couldn’t go for it.

Aluminium is a reactive metal, meaning that it will interact when in contact with acidic foods. Cooking with ingredients such as lemons and tomatoes (which we love to cook with!) in aluminium pans can cause metallic or bitter flavours as well as discolouration in the food.

While research on the health risks of aluminium cookware is inconclusive, we do know that the metal is transferred into cooked food. We think this, along with the unwanted flavours, are good reasons to avoid cooking with aluminium.

Nonstick is another material that doesn’t make the cut in our kitchen. These cookware coatings are made of a synthetic polymer called PTFE – better known by the brand name Teflon. Nonstick cookware is easy to clean and requires less oil or fat in cooking, but we think the benefits end there. When overheated, these pans release fumes which can cause flu-like symptoms in some people. And the coating tends to flake off when the pan is scratched, with these pieces ending up in your food.

Our choice of cookware is nonreactive stainless steel. It’s a favourite of chefs because it can handle high heat and browns food beautifully. As the safest, most durable cookware available, it’s become the workhorse of our kitchen. Next to our chef, of course!

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