Rose & Mary: Working together for you


Rose says…

Rose&Mary work together in harmony to bring you dishes that are nutritious, clean and delicious. But these two characters each have their own strong opinions about what makes a dish great.

Rose is all about sourcing the finest ingredients, balancing sophisticated flavours, and cooking with a light touch. She believes that if you use excellent produce and traditional cooking methods, you can’t go wrong.

Rose's cuisine reflects the diverse geography of Italy, with a light touch of a modern international globetrotter who knows her food around the world. You will find a diverse set of gluten-free pastas, or risotto, but you will also be surprised by the touch and interpretation of that exotic superfood you did not expect. Yet, the three essential ingredients and features of her cooking are seasonality, tradition and the abundance of local produce.

Together with Mary, Rose is bringing together a menu that will WOW you with its mix of lightness and rich flavours.

Mary says…

Mary is all about the nutritional balance of a meal. She's the one making sure your meal has an optimal balance of healthy fats, lean proteins and nutrients and fiber from fresh vegetables.

Mary won’t ever compromise on clean eating. That’s why she’ll never let gluten, refined sugar and processed food into her kitchen. You’ll also never see anything deep-fried or hydrogenated.

Mary has studied the strong link between sugar consumption and the prevalence of diabetes and heart disease. She can draw diagrams and cite research, but she prefers to simply leave it out of her food.

She’s also felt the "quick fix" that sugar and gluten offer – giving us a rush in blood sugar, but making us bloated shortly afterward. She’s seen the positive effects from cutting it out of her diet.

While “gluten-free” has become a common label on packaged foods, Mary doesn’t believe in using substitutes to remind you of bread. She prepares wholesome meals that satisfy you so much you’ll never notice they were gluten-free.

Together with Rose, Mary is bringing together a menu that will WOW you with its mix of lightness and rich flavours

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