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What’s wrong with delivery today? (And how we’re fixing it)

At Rose & Mary, we’re usually busy with sourcing, preparing and tasting food. But we’ve also put a lot of thought into delivering our food, and that sets us apart from the competition. Not only are we setting out to revolutionise healthy eating, but to provide a next-generation delivery service. Here, we address some of the problems of the typical takeaway and what we’re doing to fix them:

1. Delivery is an afterthought.

You’ve called and ordered your food, but now you’re wondering if it’s gone into the void. The restaurant told you 30 minutes, but it’s been 40. Did they forget about you? Should you call again to check on things? And when your food finally arrives, did they get your order right?

We’re taking the mystery out of delivery. When you place your order with our app, you’ll see a timeline that shows you where your food is in our streamlined process. When your meal is out for delivery, you’re able to see exactly where your driver is when he’s arriving with your food. The production and delivery process is seamless, so you get maximum freshness with minimum wait. And even better — the delivery is free.

2. Excessive, unappetising packaging.

With its liberal use of salt, sugar and oil, the average takeaway meal is known for excess. And it doesn’t stop with the food. Between the polystyrene foam clamshells, plastic cutlery, hard plastic containers and plastic bags, that delivery is destined to live on for years in a landfill.

At Rose & Mary, our no-waste kitchen philosophy extends to our packaging, which is custom-made for us in Sussex with both the environment and food quality in mind. Our clever Kraft paper boxes have cutouts to hold your dishes tightly and separately, keeping everything upright and at the appropriate temperature. And our containers, which are made from plant materials, are fully compostable and biodegradable.

3. Lukewarm mains and limp greens.

On its long journey to your door, the typical takeaway rapidly loses texture and flavour. It passes through temperature changes, especially in a bag on the handlebar of a bicycle on a cool night. When a main and sides are piled together in one box, the crisp becomes soggy and the whole dish can become a tepid mush.

We’ve figured out how to deliver your food as warm and fresh as though you’d prepared it at home. Taking inspiration from the Japanese bento box and from first-class airline meals, we prepare and package each item separately. Then we pack your meal into thermal bags to keep the temperature steady without allowing it to continue to cook. There’s no mixing of temperatures, nor mixing of food. You’ll get to plate your meal exactly as you want to, and even take credit for the cooking if you wish!

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