R&M Blog: Our holiday gift to you …


The holidays can bring us closer, but they can also drive us crazy. It’s that time of the year when get-togethers, year-end planning, travel plans and shopping lists all vie for our attention. And amid so much celebrating, organizing and rushing around, healthy eating can become the first thing we let slide.

So, just in time for the holidays, Rose & Mary are unwrapping a gift to you that you’ve wanted for some time. It’s something you’ve asked for since we first launched our app. You told us it would make it easier to get more healthy food in your life, and we’ve been working to make it happen.

We’re proud to present Rose & Mary’s e-commerce site. Now you can order the same delicious food directly from your desktop to your door. Scan our weekly menu at the office, choosing your dinner before leaving for the day. Then let us welcome you home with a delicious meal.

No iPhone? No problem. You can place your order on any smartphone now, using your browser.

We’ve designed our e-commerce experience with the user-friendly, intuitive style that you expect from us, with luscious photos and delectable descriptions that still can’t compare to the tastiness of the real dish.

Of course, iPhone users can always order via app, but now everyone has a new way to get more Rose & Mary in their lives. We think you’ll like the convenience and simplicity of our new e-commerce site.

As always, we get our best ideas from you. Send us more thoughts at feedback@roseandmary.com

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