Beyond the headlines: processed meat and cancer

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You probably knew that hot dogs weren’t health food before the World Health Organisation weighed in on the issue. But how worried should we be about the recent report that processed meat is linked to an increased risk of cancer?

The finding did seem shocking, and guaranteed to get big headlines in the press: the WHO put processed meat in the same risk classification as plutonium and cigarettes. The meat industry immediately fought back, arguing that there are other priorities for cancer prevention than avoiding meat.

Looking beyond the headlines, we noted that most experts, including advisors on the WHO report, stressed the importance of moderation in our diets. They emphasised that smoking and heavy alcohol consumption are much greater risk factors for cancer than eating meat. And they reminded us of some other advice we’ve probably heard before: to maintain a healthy weight and eat lots of vegetables, fruit and fibre.

In Rose & Mary’s kitchen, we ban processed foods and embrace an abundance of vegetables, fruit and fibre. So we like to think of ourselves as ahead of the curve when it comes to making healthy dietary choices.

While we love red meat for its nutritional benefits, including protein, vitamin B12 and iron, we use it in moderation. We cook it low and slow, using braising techniques to bring out even more of the natural collagen.

Once we look past the headlines, we remember the positive outcome of studies like these: to get us to make wiser choices about what we eat. Rose & Mary know firsthand that making poor food choices on the run can lead to long-term consequences. That’s why we’re inspired to help you eat the healthiest meals even on your busiest days.

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