Our no-waste philosophy in the kitchen


The UK leads the EU in total food waste per year, according to Eurostat. We’re doing our part to change this statistic for the better. We’ve adopted a “zero waste” goal in our kitchen out of respect for the environment and for our high-quality ingredients.

Along with our deliveries by electric bike, energy-efficient cooking methods and biodegradable packaging, the zero waste philosophy represents our commitment to sustainability. And it means even tastier dishes for you.

Many of our dishes use stocks that we prepare from scratch using the bones from free-range chickens or grass-fed beef and lamb from our local butchers. Once we’ve pulled the meat from our slow-cooked cuts, we boil down the juices along with the bones to create an even more concentrated, collagen-rich sauce called demi-glace.

You’ll find similar layers of rich flavour in our vegetable and fish stocks. The fumet we use to finish our black rice dish is made with the shells and heads of prawns, while the flesh of these crustaceans tops the dish. Our vegetable stock and top-secret recipe for vegetarian demi-glace use scraps from the seasonal fresh produce used in all our dishes.

We often get creative about ways to use kitchen remnants to boost flavour and reduce waste. The woody ends of asparagus, separated from the tender florets that accompany our salmon dish, are the basis of a rice dish served at our staff meals. We use the white part of leeks for the escabeche garnish to our braised chicken dish, while reserving the green ends for our demi-glace. And instead of using flour to thicken sauces or stocks, we use the collagen from chicken necks, adding loads of tastiness while removing the gluten.

When you taste our dishes, you’ll experience the depth of flavour that comes from our zero waste philosophy. And you’ll be helping to reduce food waste as well, since you’ll want to eat every last bite.

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