Meet our butcher: Morley Butchers of Crouch End


While our chef has traveled throughout his native Spain to find the finest ingredients for our dishes, he’s also discovered the best sources right here in town. Such is the case with Morley Butchers of Crouch End, a family-run shop that supplies the humanely-raised beef, lamb and chicken on our menu.

Morley Butchers are a true nose-to-tail shop, working with the whole animal to ensure nothing is wasted. They pride themselves on introducing customers to lesser-known cuts whose flavour develops through slow cooking methods such as braising and stewing.

Like us, Morley Butchers are obsessed with sourcing. Beyond their skills in cutting and aging meat, the butchers here can tell you all about the animals’ journey from farm to store. They insist on buying from farms committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. For a dish such as our tender braised lamb with piperade, Morley will supply us with the best grass-fed English lamb depending on the season.

For our braised chicken in escabeche and marinated chicken wings, Morley Butchers provides us with poultry from Fosse Meadows Farm in Leicestershire. These free-range birds have ample access to pasture, insects and an additive-free diet of cereals. We’re not the only ones to remark on the tastiness of these birds: The Independent praised their “succulent … depth of flavour” and food writer Diana Henry declared Fosse Meadows her favourite chicken.

Thanks to their years of butchering experience and their commitment to sustainability, Morley Butchers were recognized as “Best London Butcher” at the 2014 Slow Food London awards.

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