La Ribera: our classic supplier in Barcelona


Our cuisine is deeply rooted in Spanish tradition, and one way we maintain those ties is through Chef Roberto’s trips to his favorite supplier in Barcelona: La Ribera. This family-run colmado, or corner store, is the source of some of our most prized ingredients: bonito, jamón de bellota and salt cod.

Founded by a group of bacallaners, Catalonia’s traditional cod vendors, La Ribera began in 1941 in order to distribute herring from Spain’s eastern coast and sardines from the southern Mediterranean throughout markets in Barcelona.

La Ribera faces the Mercat del Born, the city’s main public market for almost a century until it fell into disrepair in the 1970s and many food purveyors moved to the outskirts. But La Ribera lived on in its original location, preserving tradition through the years, to see El Born become a vibrant neighborhood once again.

While still known for the quality of its salt cod, La Ribera is now a full gourmet wonderland. Its shelves overflow with delicacies from all over Spain: Cantabrian anchovies, Galician cockles, canned tomatoes from Navarre, artichoke hearts from Alicante, and about 50 varieties of olives.

Not only does our chef share La Ribera’s dedication to sourcing the finest Spanish ingredients, he also has a musical connection with the great-grandson of the store’s original owner, Aleix Clavera. As a former rock-and-roller with an equal passion for food, Roberto appreciates seeing Aleix cutting salt cod alongside his father by day, then playing bass for the indie band Extraperlo by night.

If you find yourself in this creative, yet classic corner of Barcelona, be sure to stop by La Ribera. Tell them Chef Roberto sent you.

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