How Rose & Mary survive the holidays

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It’s the most wonderful — and most indulgent — time of the year. Overeating, then resolving to join the gym in January have become holiday activities as traditional as Secret Santa and caroling. 

Rose & Mary love holiday feasts too, but we don’t want to deprive ourselves come January. Instead, we prefer to give our meals a healthy spin while respecting the Spanish and Italian traditions of our founding team. Here are some of our favourite menus to celebrate the season with friends and family, guilt-free and deliciously.

Christmas Eve

In Italy, Catholic tradition rooted in abstinence means that many people refrain from eating meat on the night before Christmas. Yet rather than penance, today many Italians associate this tradition with an opportunity to enjoy the abundance and diversity of the country’s fresh fish and seafood, including some species that have no English translation that we know of!

    -  canapés of salmon, caviar and tuna
    -  fresh local cheese with walnuts, pistachios and homemade sugar-free jam
    -  crudités of celery, fennel and carrots
    -  seafood platter of raw oysters and clams
    -  “insalata di mare”: a classic seafood salad of cooked mussels, shrimp and calamari
    -  oven-baked potato-crusted cod with olives, parsley and capers
    -  “zuppa di pesce”: a fish soup of sea bream, red prawns, and red mullet seasoned with cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and a slice of lemon

Christmas Day

Lunch is the big meal of the day, and traditionally we bring meat back to the menu. But it’s a day to focus on relaxation, not on the oven. 

    -  “bollito di carne”: a dish of meat cooked long and slow on the stovetop in a flavourful broth of celery, onion, cherry tomatoes and carrots
    -  warm, creamy purée of winter vegetables

New Year’s Eve

Get ready to ring in the new year with some traditionally “lucky” foods. Lentils, an R & M favourite, are not only healthy but said to look like coins. Thus, in Italian superstition, eating a pile of lentils is welcoming good fortune and financial gain into your life. 

    -  lentils and roasted salmon
    -  crepes with ricotta and spinach, or mozzarella and asparagus
    -  mixed nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and pistachios

New Year’s Day

If it’s not too cold outside, why not open your windows wide today, as the Italians do? Along with a healthy meal, we like a bracing draft to sweep out any negative energy or spirits in the home. 

    -  brown rice with kiwi and pomegranate seeds
    -  roast lamb with artichokes

Of course, if you decide to indulge this season, visit our kitchen in January, where we’ll be cooking up healthy and delicious meals to get you back on track. 

In the meantime, even Rose & Mary allow ourselves a nice slice of Panettone and a flute of Prosecco this time of year — it’s tradition, after all!

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year!

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