Friends & Family Tasting Event


It was a joy to share our story, our food, and our enthusiasm with friends and family at our first tasting event Monday evening at The Old Dairy in Crouch End. A former Victorian creamery turned gastropub, the venue was the perfect setting to open a new chapter in London food history.

Over 40 people came: a great mix of journalists, actors, bloggers, personal trainers, nutritionists and even a record company owner and a rock and roller who performed 30 years ago at Live Aid!

On Monday night they all had two things in common: they were blown away by our food and they were very excited about our service.

Amid the exposed brick walls, vintage glass chandelier and candlelight, our guests heard the story of our founders’ journey from pizza- and pasta-loving Italians to clean-eating Italians, driven by their love of great food along the way. Everyone got a sneak peek at the upcoming app, learned about the nutritional benefits of our dishes, and then indulged in Chef Roberto’s multicourse menu.

Spanish ingredients were the stars of our Basque-influenced menu. Roberto, who’s obsessed with the best products from his native country, sourced the tuna in our beef tomato, bonito and olive salad on a recent trip. He also met the shepherd behind the sheep’s milk cheese served with grilled pineapple and strawberry coulis.

For many of our guests, the evening’s menu was their first experience in clean eating. They were pleasantly surprised to learn our food is gluten and sugar free, but were drawn mainly by the taste and presentation of our gourmet dishes.

Others were already committed to a gluten-free diet, such as one woman who often prepares something for herself while her kids order pizza. She remarked that Rose&Mary’s delicious food would allow her whole family to join in meals together.

A couple of other nice comments we overheard:

“I didn’t know you could do gourmet food so healthy.”

“Out-of-this-world tasty.”

“You really can eat healthily and still feel full.”

“I never knew healthy food could taste so good.”

We think you’ll agree with these happy guests, and we’re eager for you to be our next tasters. Look out for the upcoming launch of our app, and visit our Facebook page for more pictures and tales from the event.

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