Creating a neighbourhood Blue Zone

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The Fountain of Youth is still just a legend, but it turns out there are places on earth where people have remarkable longevity.

In 2004, researchers studied a mountainous region on the Italian island of Sardinia where men reach the age of 100 at an exceptionally high rate. They called this area the “Blue Zone.” That year, National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner set out to discover similar areas where long life and low incidence of disease are the norm, publishing his findings in a bestselling book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest.

Buettner identified four additional Blue Zones around the word, in far-flung locations from Okinawa, Japan to Loma Linda, California and he compared the diet and lifestyle aspects these healthy communities have in common.

Buettner’s research got us thinking … where do Blue Zones overlap with Rose & Mary’s clean eating philosophy? And could we build a Blue Zone in our own neighbourhood?

As you might expect, two of the Blue Zone secrets are not so secret: no smoking and regular physical activity. We’re completely in favour of following those rules, but that’s advice we’ve heard before.

But look further, and there are some surprising recommendations for living life to its longest: be community-minded and look for ways to reduce your stress. Social engagement is something Rose & Mary take seriously. From our partnerships with other local businesses to charity events to meeting and greeting our loyal customers, we’re proud to help Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Stroud Green and Highgate thrive.

And speaking of ways to reduce stress … making it easy to eat healthy, balanced meals is why we’re here. From our easy-to-use app and web nutritionally thoughtful menus and weeknight hours, we help you spend time connecting with your family over dinner instead of rushing to get something on the table.

While the five official Blue Zones have very different geography and different diets, eating local and seasonal whole foods is a common denominator. We were also pleased to see that spanning the popular foods of these cultures is a list that sounds curiously like our chef’s daily shopping list: sheep’s milk cheese, nuts, fresh herbs, lentils, brown rice, salmon, tomatoes and eggs.

While Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Stroud Green and Highgate are not yet officially considered a Blue Zone, we like to think we’re on our way by providing healthy meals, electric bike delivery and connection to the community. Stop by the kitchen to see us, order a meal to make your weeknight stress-free and enjoy dinner with your family. Before you know it, researchers will be asking for our secrets to long and happy lives!

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