Bringing balance to your weeknight dinner


Daily life is a balancing act. We’re constantly told to balance our budget, get work-life balance and eat a balanced diet. It’s enough pressure to make us go to extremes sometimes, particularly in our approach to food.

Let R&M help balance the dinner side of the equation. Inspired by feedback from you, we’ve introduced two ways to bring some equilibrium to your week.

We are now serving dinner Monday through Friday.

You told us that Mondays were tough enough without having to worry about putting a healthy meal on the dinner table. So we’re here for you, doing our part to make Monday something to look forward to. TGIM?

Introducing full meals: the right portions, the right price.

You told us you wanted the best of Rose & Mary’s kitchen in a convenient all-in-one meal for one person. So we’ve created full meal bundles, pairing two of our most popular dishes in one single, satisfying serving. With options like colourful, vitamin-packed sous-vide salmon with pisto, you’ll get a well-rounded plate with plenty of flavour and nutritional benefits. We think you’ll also find we’ve struck just the right balance between portion size and price.

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