Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend explained: What's with R&M?

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So, what's with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and this weekend? A lot of offers, plenty of freebies for all of you.

Starting from Friday we, at Rose & Mary, have decided to launch our own promotion. TADAAAAN!

What does this mean?

A free Almond Tartlet on Friday with every order,

A free Chocolate Mousse on Saturday with every order,

and let's delight Cyber Monday with a Vegan Pannacotta!

Happy thanksgiving everyone, thank you for your loyalty!

Rose & Mary

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Pre-ordering for dummies: how to reserve your R&M dinner and stop worrying about it

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Yes, we have tried to explain this in several occasions. But you might as well just have missed it so let us try and give you a bit more info re: this new functionality the app and website are allowing you to use. 

Rose & Mary delivers from 5pm onwards. Now - we are sure you have had a huge healthy breakfast with fruits, smart carbs and green tea, and a light lunch full of proteins, but ..... don't know about you, we are always hungry. We have discovered that trying to plan ahead your meals help you calculate your actual calories intake and make sure you don't waste time on crunching snacks at 6pm before heading to the pub.

This is why we have decided to develop a new functionality that allows you to order your meal, whether it's a starter, a sharing plate or a main, for tonight. It's available from 1pm onwards and then you can select your food and your delivery slot. You can stop worrying about it, stop texting your husband things such as "what do you want me to make for dinner?" (and then mathematically react "why don't you cook it yourself") and most of all you can save the most precious of a Londoner's resource: time.

An advice? Order right after your lunch break, or on the tube. As long as you have your order slot booked four hours before you are sorted, and perhaps even motivated to have it delivered at your local gym. And don't forget this counts for guilt-free dessert too.

Happy hump-day everyone,

Rose & Mary

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New


Today we introduce something we have been waiting for a long long time behind the scenes at Rose & Mary. Despite you looking at a menu that might seem to you just like the old one, we’d like to introduce a new functionality that could potentially change your life.

We have borrowed your advice and introduced a new technology tool whereby you are able to pre-order and reserve your dishes that can then be delivered to you by our couriers – as always – between 5pm and 9.30pm. This means that if you end up being hungry or blue due to the weather at 1pm you can easily log onto our app or onto the website and select your preferred dishes the old fashioned way whilst choosing a delivery slot that is most suitable to you.

It is an improvement to our system that should meet your requirements whenever you feel peckish and somehow simplify your delivery time by streamlining our orders. So what are you waiting for? The kitchen opens at 5pm but you can order just now.

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