About US

Rose&Mary is a labour of love, founded by a group of friends who share their talents in gourmet cooking, nutrition, mobile technology and customer service to bring delicious meals straight to your door.

As natives of Italy and Spain, we’re food lovers with an obsession with taste and quality. But we’re also committed to a healthy lifestyle and a diet that’s free of gluten and refined sugar. We launched Rose&Mary from the inspiration of clean eating and the practical realization that it’s tough to get a wholesome, delicious meal on your table night after night. We’ve combined that with our technology and customer service experience to bring you slow food with speedy delivery. It’s this blend of traditional cooking and modern technology that makes our service unique.

Our cuisine is inspired by the Basque and Navarre regions of northern Spain, the native country of our chef, Roberto, and our nutritionist, Carla. Basque cuisine uses the bounty of fresh produce grown in the region and cooks with a light touch, so that the ingredients speak for themselves.

Roberto and his team prepare everything by hand – from the stock to the mayonnaise. Meanwhile, Carla makes sure your meals have an optimal balance of healthy fats, lean proteins and nutrients and fiber from fresh vegetables. So while our meals look and taste like dishes at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you can rest assured that we’ve created them with your health in mind.