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Rose & Mary work together in harmony to bring you dishes that are nutritious, clean and delicious. But these two characters each have their own strong opinions about what makes a dish great.

Rose Says

For Rose, it’s all about sourcing the finest ingredients, balancing sophisticated flavours and cooking with a light touch.

Rose’s cuisine reflects the diverse geography of Spain and its abundance of local products. Bonito, hongo beltza mushrooms, oxtails and earthy lentils are some of the regional delicacies you’ll find in her kitchen.

She believes that if you use excellent produce and traditional cooking methods, you can’t go wrong.

Mary Says

For Mary, it’s all about the nutritional balance of a meal. She’s the one looking out to make sure your meal has an optimal mix of healthy fats, lean proteins, nutrients and fiber from fresh vegetables.

Mary won’t ever compromise on clean eating. That’s why she’ll never let gluten, refined sugar and processed food into her kitchen. You’ll also never see anything deep-fried or hydrogenated.

Together we are bringing you a menu that will wow you with its mix of lightness and rich flavours.

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

100% fresh


Grass-fed, free-range meat

Fresh-caught seafood (Sea to plate in 24 hours)

Select market-fresh vegetables

Obsessive sourcing

Biodegradable custom packaging

High-tech delivery, low carbon footprint

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Hosting a party?

Wow your guests with our healthy gourmet food! If you’re hosting a group of 10 or more people, please contact us directly at party@roseandmary.com at least 3 days before your event so we can stock up on the finest and freshest ingredients for your big bash.


Who knew healthy food could taste so good?
Read what some fellow food lovers have to say about dining with Rose & Mary:


Jul 13 — 2015
Amazing food that is actually good for you by @roseandmaryfood. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Aug 05 — 2015
The food and everything about @roseandmaryfood is awesome @Nyishaaargh #MuswellHill #LDN


Jul 23 — 2015
@roseandmaryfood I am so so honoured! I enjoyed every single bite! Delivery was fast & food was out of this world. Well done


Sep 29 — 2015
@roseandmaryfood your food came highly recommended by @beyondsocialbuz & we can't wait to try it!


Sep 08 — 2015
great food, guys. Really enjoyed! Crazy fast delivery too.


Sep 04 — 2015
The best delivery food in North London and the most stylish owners too!


Sep 02 — 2015
your #pisto just rocks


Sep 02 — 2015
We love and highly recommend to all our customers @roseandmaryfood


Sep 01 — 2015
Thank you @roseandmaryfood for fantastic meeting and tasting session on Friday. We love what you do! #glutenfree #healthy #sugarfree


Sep 19 — 2015
we loved and licked every crumb! Keep our bellies #singing


Sep 24 — 2015
I hear great things about @roseandmaryfood so give them a follow and a call to try out their culinary delights


Sep 16 — 2015
Three orders so far, all utterly mouthwatering


Sep 16 — 2015
If you live in #northlondon you have to try these guys. Ordered last week and amazing. #gluten and #sugar free


Sep 10 — 2015
Just to say: @bexbeach you are an angel for introducing me to @roseandmaryfood - I am in heaven and only on the soup!

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